Sunday, December 30, 2007

At my parents’ home

Good evening !! Thanks for everyone’s hard work today too (^-^)/ Today’s work is all done !! New Year’s “Golden Red Carpet” recording is done and these feet of mine are returning back home (^O^)/ The president and manager gave me a lift to the Tokyo station and during the ride I got to thinking about what had happened this year. The various things I experienced this year, the different people I met !! It was really a wonderful year !! When they dropped me off, the president and manager gave me hearty handshakes !! [Work hard next year] they said, full with fighting spirit !! As always, I can count of them to take care of me !! At about this time next year [Yusuke will have grown up to be an adult] So that I can think like that, I’ll do my best (^O^)/

The photo’s taken at my home so … I’m wearing a jersey (^-^)/

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Good evening !! Thanks for everyone’s hard work today too !! Today, I practised at work also (^O^) My muscles kind of ache now. My feet are tiny so… The people around me complained of pain too (*laugh*). About what we were doing, I can’t say yet, sorry !! In the meantime, please enjoy waiting for the day I can inform you of it (^O^) As I mentioned yesterday, I had my photograph taken for Zippo and I had my hair cut today!! Cutting a few millimetres numerous times… the hair is cut, but you can’t really see much change ne (*laugh*)
Is the muffler cute ?? Recently, when it comes to clothes, I’ve taken to wearing dark colours !! This kind of adult-like muffler is easy to coordinate (^O^) It’s quite warm (’-^*)