Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exhausted from training

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ I took part in training with the Rescue team today !! I watched the trainees practicing 'live' for the first time today !! Looked terribly painful... so much energy... everyone watching the practice session was mute in amazement... all those trainees, for the sake of other people... they really conveyed to us the desire to rescue people !! Right before our eyes, they're pushed to the limits of their physical strength. You understand why the instructors have to be as strict as they are but they push the cadets so relentlessly. They're made to realize where their own limits are so that they can grow. Within the harshness though, you can feel the love. From now on, this is the emotion I will evoke together with my fellow comrades as we rescue people, this scene!!
For me...I can't say how many times during the training that I got this feeling and having seen this before my very eyes, I want to convey to everyone that weight of how important rescuing is during the drama. I strongly believe in bringing that message across !! A drama on an occupation that seriously affects lives... it cannot be taken lightly.

Tomorrow too, work first thing in the morning (^O^)/ I'll do my best (^O^)/

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sekai Gyouten

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ Actually yesterday I was on Nippon TV's Sekai Gyouten News !! There's always many things that surprise you on Sekai Gyouten News... this time too I was surprised (^-^)ノ~~ I want everyone to see it soon too... In my own way, I wanted to be able to do even the free talk without feeling nervous !! By all means, please watch ne !!
Filming today will be difficult too... there's practice for Rescue tomorrow and I will put all my heart into training (^O^)/

Sekai Gyouten News

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pair Ring

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ Actually I went to deliver the photobook's pair ring to the winning applicant today (^O^)/ It was won by a girl from Niigata !! We took a car all the way to Niigata !! The spontaneous moments there were great !!
There were so many applicants... I'm really sorry that there could only be one but I'm happy that the winner was delighted !!


NOooOOoOOoo 。・°°・(*>_<*)・°°・。 I know I kept making fun of Yusuke but I wanna track this girl down and yank the ring of her sweaty finger o( ><)O

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hello !! Let's do our best today too (^O^)/ Today is the day that the drama for next season is announced !! Filming begins in the middle of December and I'm really looking forward to it !! The theme for the drama this time is lifesaving !! This drama requires seriousness !! Since it depicts the importance and value of life, I cannot approach this half-heartedly !! I will mentally prepare myself for my role in the lifesaving team from now on !! It's a cool January drama but I'd like to make it the hottest one (^O^)/


Everytime I do Yukke's blog, I feel like I'm typing his entry while he shouts it in my ear. The drama he's talking about is RESCUE ~ Tokubetsu Koudo Kyuujotai. Here's Massu's comment from

[Comment from Masuda Takahisa-san]
When I saw the training, I could only say one word, "Sugoi."
I have done hill-climbing so before I tried this, I thought I could at least go up the rope a little, but I couldn't at all. From now on I will strengthen my body, train constantly and push myself to my limit.
I have always been on good terms with Nakamaru-kun but we've never worked together. I look forward to it.
Because we can talk freely, I will get advice from him, we will help each other out and be a plus to each other.


I think this is Johnny's way of trimming Massu (^_^;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NEP League

Good morning (^O^)/ Let's do our best for today too (^O^)/
NEP League was aired yesterday ne !! It was my 3rd time on NEP League, so I took up the challenge with some confidence but... it was mortifying how I ended up holding the others back ↓↓ I will definitely be more prepared next time and not bring others down !!

I'll do my best at work the whole day today too ne (^O^)/

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything o(^▽^)o
Had a photo shoot for Smart today !! The article was about revealing the contents of the bag, but to show the things you always carry around with you is pretty embarrassing ne!! When people look at it, even if it's just a little, they can make some conclusion of that person's life ↓↓ I'm worried that some strange neurotic parts of me might be found out (*laugh*)
Tomorrow I'm covering Street Jack and Pichi Lemon !! The Street Jack article is about hair and I'm going to debut my new hair there !! My new hair is a twist perm !! It's quite a popular hairdo 4 or 5 years back but... I want the boom to come back from now on na (^O^)/ Well, that's the plan !!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Once again !!

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ After dress rehearsal today, I went to the hair salon !! I last went 2 weeks back !! Come to think of it, it's overdoing it a little ↓↓ It's like nowadays the way my hair grows has not been as usual and I've grown tired of it... (*laugh*) But the hairdresser at my favourite hair salon has given me a cool cut as usual and I love it ('-^*)/

Ah, today's the day that the one-off drama 'Chichi, Kaeru' will be aired, later tonight !! It has a good tempo and it was a new experience for me doing it... I think it's a drama that you can watch for an hour without being bored and you'll be kept laughing !! Everyone, please watch it (^O^)/


Chichi, Kaeru

Furball !

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hapi Furu

Good morning (^-^)
Let's do our best today too (^O^)/

Right about now... I'm going to be on Hapi Furu... really nervous ne ↓↓ Because it's a live show ↓↓(^_^;)


Hapi Furu

His hair's not that hideous gold anymore ~whew.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thanks for all your impressions !!

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Because of the filming that lasted till late last night, I was fast asleep until noon today !! After that I went to the hairdressing salon and got my hair done !! Some of you were surprised by my black hair in the photo yesterday but it's just for one day (^O^)/ I'm back to brown hair again !! I wonder, which one suits me better ??

Thank you for your impressions on yesterday's Homeroom on the Beachside !! I borrowed a video from a friend and watched it carefully too you know !! I'm being helped along by Oda-san, Kitagawa-san and the rest of my co-actors !! It was an episode centered around me and I tried to inject as much emotions as I could into the hour-long drama. I still have a long way to go and I apologize that my acting is still in the rough but this experience has been a small step up for me !! Thank you very much (^-^)/
Tomorrow I'm going to Odaiba Adventure King to cheer for peachy's, the idol group that came out of Pop-Ya !!


Talking about Kitagawa Keiko, I think she's gorgeous. Grumpy has somehow developed a distaste for her, she said there's something about Keiko's nose that bothered her heh. Anyway, Keiko also mentions Yusuke in her blog entries here and here. These are translated by a fan, thank you !

Ah and also Yusuke calls her Kitagawa-san here but according to the original entry from her 17th August entry...


he calls her Keiko-chan in person (and he reads her blog!). Okay, that doesn't mean anything but I think they look good together. Although there were rumours that she's actually dating Kimura Ryo aka Nakao :O

Monday, August 4, 2008

Homeroom on the Beachside

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ I'm doing some filming for the other work at a studio in Tokyo today !! It's fun but I'm also really nervous while the filming is still on-going (^O^)/
Actually because of this filming, I don't know if I will be on time to watch Homeroom on the Beachside ↓↓ So if I read all of your thoughts on it, I can get an idea of how the drama is shaping up ne !! Since I'll get the information only from the blog, I look forward to everyone's comments (^O^)/


Yukke really knows how to make his fans feel like a part of his life. He received 2500 comments on this post!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

During break time

Well~ I have about 3 hours of free time from now on !! Everyone else is continuing with the filming though... I'm going to take a little nap and prepare myself for the morning shoot !!
Anyway, please take a look !! Because of a local festival... the fireworks, unexpectedly, could be seen from where I was !! I felt so moved !!
I've updated again today, sorry ↓↓

From the hotel

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ Although filming today starts at this late time, my body is brimming with vigor a hundredfold ('-^*)/ When I stayed overnight at the hotel last night, I was just watching anime all the time ! (*laugh*) If only I had slept a little bit more... now I'm regretting it !!
But the view from the hotel was great and and I'll remember it ('-^*)/

Tomorrow I'll be doing a different important job !! I'm terribly nervous about it but really excited too (^O^)/

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The sunset sky

Konnichiwa !! Today too thanks for everything !! It's drama filming today (^O^)/ Actually today's filming has us on location till morning... But the scenery was really pretty so all the tiredness from filming was healed ne (・ω・)
I wanted everyone to see that scenery too... so I took a photo o(^-^)o How is it ?? It's even more beautiful when you see it 'live' o(^-^)o
The answer to yesterday's quiz is... air (*laugh*) About 70 to 80% said air was the answer ne !! Too easily exposed ↓↓ For those who gave different answers, do your best the next time round na !!

Alrite, there's still about 12 hours of filming so... I don't want to overdo things, gonna do my best !!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Today I was in the waiting room during my free time (^O^)/
I'm taking care of the blog !!

Since I'm free, here's a quiz... what do I have in my mouth ??

1. Air
2. Green tea
3. Water

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Starting my journey !!

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything !! It was Myojo’s photo shoot today !! The shots were taken while I was tottering on the streets of Omotesandou !! As expected, just to walk in the stylish streets of Omotesandou made me nervous ne ↓↓ There’s still some way to go before I’m of the right age to fit in (*laugh*)

By the way, from now on… I’m heading overseas !! I still can’t say for which work it is for… please wait and look forward to it (’-^*)/ Is this the lounge ?? It’s the ‘first time going abroad kind of tension hanging in the air photo’ place !!

From tomorrow onwards

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ After the fitting session today… I went to the hairdressing salon !! On the way there, I met Ikuta Toma-kun and he came along !! Both of us had our hair cut together !! Somehow, I got a little nervous (*laugh*) But the atmosphere sort of settled down and it was great (^O^)/ Actually, we use the same hairdressing salon !! As always he’s cool na~, he’s like an older brother I aspire to be !!

From tomorrow onwards, I’m going overseas for work !! I wonder if I can update the blog from overseas ?? I’ll try my best to update ?!! Sorry if it can’t be done ↓↓

When I come back, I’ll fill up the blog with all the memories (^O^)/

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything !! The Disney Store thing was picked up by the news last evening and this morning too ne (^O^)/ Super happy !!

I have an off day today so… I watched this !! Manchester United 2000 Goals Special !! This is a feature on all the goals that Manchester United, a soccer team, has made up to now !! I’m a big Manchester fan… so I was excited all the way (*laugh*) Ah, which reminds me, I coloured my hair !! Filming for Puzzle has ended so for the next role I’ll get a perm… now my hair is dyed brown (^O^)/

Tomorrow is photo-taking for Zipper !! Looks like I’ll be wearing a kimono !! Look forward to it (^O^)/

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disney Store Village Headman

Good day !! Today I was made village headman for a day at the Disney Store in Shibuya !! Being a big fan of Disney, getting elected to be the Disney Store Village Headman for 1 day made me really happy !! 1 day felt like a short while but… as the village headman, I think I managed to liven up the Disney Store (^O^)/
There were many reporters, television media and such that turned up so… I’ll be happy if it’s covered in the reports today !!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mental Metamorphosis

I’m back !!
Yesterday I braced myself for the end of my first vacation in a long time !! I enjoyed myself fully in my hometown and had a good time (^O^)/ I can feel the support from my friends, my family and the fans. To my friends, I’m not the Yamamoto Yusuke who has become a tv personality, they still see me as the Yamamoto Yusuke from Toyokawa !! Everyone too has not changed… that’s a great thing ne. Playing and having fun together with them makes me unbearably, unbearably happy !!

Also, on this occasion, I’d like to make an apology. This is for my family, forgive me for my selfishness !! As I expected, when I’m home after such a long while, I unintentionally fawn for more attention ne. I asked for a lot during this vacation and received them all ↓↓ I’ll reflect on it !!

I want to say thank you to the fans !! When I returned to my hometown, everyone from small elementary school kids to grandmothers told me “Do your best” when they met me. With those words, how far would I be able to persist on… thank you very much !!

From tomorrow onwards, I will do my best with this mental metamorphosis (^O^)/

Friday, May 9, 2008

It’s all healed !

Good morning !! It’s been awhile since I got up early like I did today !! Yesterday, my teeth were a little swollen so I couldn’t eat anything but it’s all okay now !! The swelling has completely gone down (^O^)/ My parents asked me to and anyway I thought of indulging myself today so although it’s been a long time since I had a holiday… it feels like I’m already enjoying myself fully in my hometown !! Thinking a little ahead of time (^O^)/

Well, today’s the day Puzzle will be broadcast ne !! Watching my own drama with my family feels a little embarrassing (*laugh*)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wisdom Tooth

Today too thanks for everything !! I made my passport today and then went to extract my wisdom tooth !! About the wisdom tooth… it’s already the second time… I was prepared for it but… it was painful ↓↓ I was wondering if I would cry (*laugh*) But it was the dentist of my younger brother’s friend so… even if I wanted to cry, I endured it (*laugh*) But I’m happy now !! Thank goodness !!

Today’s the last day of Gokigenyou, ne !! Thanks for your impressions !! Really made me happy !!


Gokigenyou →

Monday, May 5, 2008

Returning festival

Today’s the last day of a local festival (^O^)/ Every year, the festival is held without fail, so together with a friend’s brother, the 2 of us went to bask in the atmosphere o(^▽^)o It was wonderful, and also felt nostalgic… I felt at ease (’-^*)/ The photo is my favourite food, only the half-eaten dango left hanging !!

Today is the day of broadcast for Gokigenyou o(^▽^)o Would it be successful ?? ↓↓ But still, please take a look (’-^*)/


Gokigenyou →

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fukui Prefecture

Today too thanks for everything !! From now, I’m going into my long Golden Week (^O^)/ My friend promptly invited me out today. With my friend’s girlfriend, the 3 of us went sightseeing around her place, Fukui Prefecture !! It was really fun !! This year so far, when it comes to holidays, I can only think of going karaoke or bowling but in the end, I can’t really remember how I spent them !! It’s really great that my friend called me out today !!

I’ll briefly go over how we spent the day !!
After getting caught in traffic for 5 hours, we reached Fukui !! Went sightseeing in Fukuishi !! Went to the beach and played around !! Ate soft serve ice cream at the ranch !! Like Suspense Tuesday, went to Toujinbou and looked over the edge of the cliff, ate cuttlefish !! Went to a Crocs specialist shop and bought matching batches !! Went to a bar and chatted enthusiastically !! Went to the mountains and gazed at the stars and scenery !! Returning home now !! That’s how it went !! Enjoyed myself fully (^O^) The photo is the photo of the soft cream !!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pop Ya

Good morning !! Yesterday I intruded on Fuji TV to record a variety program (’-^*)/ It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a talk show so I was nervous but I went in resolutely with the spirit that I could do it (’-^*)/ Please watch it ne !!

I did filming for the variety show Pop Ya, where I’m a regular, today too !! When it goes on air, watch it and you will see how different the atmosphere is, I think it’s a really interesting program !! There’s nothing interesting about me but I shouldn’t say it… (*laugh*) The first time Tanaka-san was around the cast, he was quite the mad character. I think more and more amusing things are going to happen !! I don’t know if you can catch it since it’s a late night show but for those who keep late hours, try your best to watch it ne (’-^*)/

Today is the Puzzle job-well-done party !! I do feel sad but this is a celebration of the tenacity we have shown up to now. Off to some farewells !!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crank up

Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ After filming for POP ya and Myojo ended, I went back home !! The way POP ya is written is similar to Jump, it’s like filming for a drama. It’s fun and I’m playing a different character !! Actually yesterday… was the day of crank up for the drama, Puzzle with its lengthy 4 months of filming !! The 4 of us, with Ishihara Satomi-chan as the lead and Kimura Ryo-kun and Nagayama Kento-kun, we were always doing our best during filming. Somehow when it ended, the tears wouldn’t stop. I didn’t think I’d cry like that, I was surprised !! But it was a production that sapped me physically and mentally so the feeling I had on completing it was refreshing !! Tomorrow is the start of new activities so I’ll try my best to switch moods (^-^)/

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Red Carpet

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything !! We went to Shizuoka City for filming today !! Speaking of Shizuoka City, it’s the prefecture next to my hometown… somehow the atmosphere feels similar and I feel really at ease (’-^*)/ It’s filming from early morning tomorrow too but… it looks like it’s going to rain (*laugh*) Looks like we’ll have to bulldoze our way through filming. Seems like it’s going to be a difficult day !! I’ll do my best !! We’re filming in Kansai again in the evening tomorrow… moving back and forth from one spot to another, it feels like I’m doing a bit too much (*laugh*) It’ll be 3 more days before I leave Puzzle filming behind !! It was really hard but… it was a fun season !! When filming for Puzzle ends, it’ll be replaced by my next work !! Ah, the broadcast still has some way to go !! It seems that many people watched Episode 1, I want everyone to enjoy themselves with Episode 2 and the rest too (^O^)/

Some time back, I watched Red Carpet while I was at the hotel. I kept laughing the whole time !! !『Wagaya』san is the best ne !! A~, I want to watch Red Carpet live !! I’ll do my best so they’ll ask me on as a guest again (^-^)/


Red Carpet →

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thanks for your thoughts !!

Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Thanks for the many comments on your impression of Puzzle (^O^)/ It gave me a lot of encouragement and from the bottom of my heart, I’m glad that I did my best for it !! The broadcast has just begun though so I invite everyone to the mystery of the puzzle and the slapstick comedy next week, and then the week after too (^-^)/ Please watch next week too ne !!

I think I’ll upload a phone photo today, it’s been awhile since I did that !! Perhaps this will be the final photo of me in a school uniform !! (*laugh*)

I’m filming at the studio from early morning tomorrow too !! I’ll do my best for the last spurt (^O^)/

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Good evening ! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ I haven’t been able to go back to my home for almost a week, to be able to do so finally is great (^-^)/
It’s the broadcast day for the drama Puzzle today ne o(^▽^)o I’m glad that everyone who commented seemed like they’re looking forward to it !! Us, the Kinben Boys are filming in Kansai from early morning today, but Satomi-chan looks like she’ll be doing denpa jack from morning, difficult ne !!
Well~, just a little bit more and the Puzzle filming is going to end !! The staff, cast and all of us involved in it have worked hard through the lengthy filming and cold locations and strict schedule !! So be it one person, or many, who watch the drama, I’ll be happy ! Furthermore, I’ll be glad if there’s a sequel to Part 2 or something like that, it’s the kind of work easy to feel an attachment for (’-^*)/

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything !! Yesterday we had a press conference for Puzzle at TV Asahi !! I think there were people from the newspapers and news media there (^-^)/ The atrium at TV Asahi is going to be decorated with a really large Puzzle panel !!! If you’re visiting Tokyo, please drop by TV Asahi (^O^)/
The drama is finally going to start the day after tomorrow !! It’s been awhile since I was in a drama… everyone please watch !! Please look forward to the ‘noisy harmony’ between the 4 of us co-stars, Satomi-chan, Ryo-kun and Nagayama-kun and myself !! It’s on Friday from 9 o’clock (^O^)/
Tomorrow it’ll rain in Kansai ↓↓ It looks like the filming will be brought forward because of the rain ↓↓ I think it’s going to be difficult but I’ll do my best !!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rain Man ??

We headed to the countryside for our filming location today (^O^)/ After a meeting about some new work yesterday, I boarded a plane and came to the Kansai location !! Dense with nature, there’s a calm atmosphere about this location. It made me feel fresh !! For Puzzle, there were many types of locations; in rocky areas, caves… forests and such, my legs have undergone some training !! Today’s filming is at the beach… my calf muscles are in terrible pain !! (*laugh*)
It’s raining now !! Would it affect tomorrow’s filming ?? Well, it just might !! When it comes to filming Puzzle, the rain would make its rounds around every filming location (*laugh*) Among the staff and cast is there a rain man ?? They were talking about that (*laugh*) I keep it a secret from everyone but actually… I’m the one !! Lately, there’s been many times when I feel like I’ve become the Rain Man !! It rained even when I went out to shake hands with the fans for the launch of my photobook ne ↓↓
It’ll be great if we can somehow get filming done tommorow… everyone… please make some of those paper dolls to pray for fine weather (*laugh*)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Handsome Suit

Good morning !! Today was crank-up for the movie, Handsome Suit (^-^)/ Puzzle and Hanakazari filming was done concurrently but taking on a new character was really fun. Everyday I learnt something from the filming location (^O^)/ Thank you very much !!

Which reminds me, yesterday was off day for me after so long !! I just slept from morning till evening… before I realized it, it’s already today !! Perhaps, just wishing for sleep is just like Yamamoto Yusuke !! From long ago, I’d be a useless kid unless I get some sleep ↓↓

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Good morning !! Filming for Puzzle was in a studio today !! On the way to the studio, I passed by a park with beautiful cherry blossoms !! It’s already April… in a few days the cherry blossoms are going to fall ne !! I didn’t go for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) this year ↓↓ Did everyone go ?? All the way I was waiting for a chance to go for hanami but because of the weather or work, the conditions were never right so had to give it up. Yeah, I definitely want to go next year !!
Tomorrow’s filming for Hanazakari no Kimitachi e !! It’s crank-up for Kayashima tomorrow !! Meeting everyone after all this time, being encouraged in various ways, it was a good opportunity to reflect on myself !! After this, I too will increase my pace, to grow as an actor, and to grow into adult, with everyone I work with. This is what I hope to do (^O^)/

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Good morning !! Filming for Puzzle was from early morning today !! The shooting for Puzzle will soon reach its climax !! The filming for the drama started in December… there were many regional locations too. It’s a serious drama so the filming period is longer than usual dramas but it feels like just like that, it’ll soon come to a close already !! Maybe I feel that way because it’s nearing completion !! It was fun and also tough !! That drama is also nearing its broadcast day !! Everyone please watch it without fail (^O^)/
The high school student skilled in both the literary and military arts will turn up from early this morning too !!
By the way, POP Ya will start from the day after tomorrow !!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Work

Hello ! Today too thanks for everything ! We did filming for the movie Handsome Suit today !! We filmed in a club but… it was stuffy and terribly hot ↓↓ Ah, I forgot to tell everyone something ne ↓↓ I’m appearing in the comedy movie Handsome Suit with
Tanihara Shousuke-san and Drunk Dragon’s Tsukaji-san !! It’s a really enjoyable and endearing role so I’m really motivated to do it !! It’ll open soon, everyone please watch it (^O^)/ I still have a long way to go… but I want everyone to see me play a new character !!

Also, I’m appearing as a regular in the variety program Pop Ya (^O^)/ I’m really happy to have the opportunity to meet everyone as Yamamoto Yusuke !!

Before long, the drama Puzzle will also start, everyone please check it out !!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Many thanks !! Today too, thanks for everything !! We filmed for Puzzle at a countryside location today o(^-^)o Filmed till close to early morning today, right now I’m updating the blog !!
Today’s filming involved the local important cultural assets so… we were not allowed to eat inside the building ↓↓ So … in the cold… among all the scattering pollens… we ate outside (*laugh*) But because of that, the staff showed their concern and warmth for us by catering a meal for us, thank you very much (^O^)/ Thank you for the warm meal (^O^)/

Tomorrow we have filming for Hanazakari !! I’ll have to do my best !! In the phone-photo is Nakao Senri and Kayashima Taiki !!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Kayashima had his crank-in for Hanazakari today !! It’s not easy filming it concurrently with Puzzle but chatting with my fellow mates at Hanazakari’s fiming location… I feel like I’ve received everyone’s power (’-^*)/ When it’s time to rest, I will rest properly… I want to make sure I take care of my health !!
But I’m filming till late at night today so I’ll do my best (^O^)/

Friday, March 21, 2008

Men Non-No

Good evening !! Today we filmed at the countryside !! The high school we’re at in Puzzle is called the Kinben High School… so we’re called Kinben Boys… so this Kinben Boys member went to the pharmacist (^O^)/ Bought stuff like hay fever medicine and some tasty pastry. Ended up to be quite a huge sum ↓↓ Everyone was quite surprised by it. Deflated, I went back to the hotel. So that is the pretty dull report (*laugh*)

Yesterday was the first time the Kinben Boys did a spread for Men’s Non-No !! The Kinben Boys have a t-shirt collaboration with them… the teacher usually bullies us around, but for the first time we actually look cool in the 3 shots. Everyone please take a look at them, this is another piece of information for you (^O^)/ The phone-photo shows the styled hair I got from that cool set. I uploaded it for everyone to take a look at !!

My stint in Jump has ended ne ↓↓ When I saw the last show on-air, I felt a terribly lonely feeling. Somehow when I recall all the things I’ve been doing up to now, it was pretty tough !! But it’s also a program that has a lot of good memories…
From now on, I will work hard so that I can get to work on dramas, movies, variety shows, all sorts of jobs !!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From the hotel !!

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ I did a television interview today… it’s about the location of shooting we did before and doing again tomorrow (’-^*) / This photo is a realtime phone-photo taken at the hotel !! I can hear the voice of my co-actor Ryou-kun faintly from next door as I’m updating the blog (’-^*)/ Sounds like he’s laughing !!

We have come to the last broadcast of Jump tomorrow !! It feels a little sad that the program where Yamamoto Yusuke was looked after and given the chance to show himself to the world has ended. It is the first time I’ve been a regular in a variety show ↓↓ But
I want to believe that I’ll go back to everyone in Jump again. Thank you for this half year !!
And also, I have something to tell everyone but it’s still under information restriction so once it’s cleared I’ll give you a report !!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything !! It’s been awhile since filming started in the early afternoon… so I got to take things easy (^-^)/ After all this time not being able to do so, I slept soundly… and when I woke up, my eyes could open wide. I was surprised (*laugh*) As expected, getting sleep is really important ne !! The time to get things prepared and all is getting closer, and all the more I want to sleep now (*laugh*)
Today I have to take a taxi back from the studio because it’s quite far away !! The taxi-driver… drives too fast ↓↓ Makes me feel giddy ↓↓ Please drive safely ↓↓

Saturday, March 15, 2008

White Day

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything !! Today is White Day ?? I was thinking while realizing I was late in updating the blog ↓↓ Just a few minutes ago, I woke up… I rushed and took a photo but it’s over ↓↓ I dozed off… Sorry !! At least, for White Day, I got up and managed to post a photo ne (’-^*)/

Recently, with the drama and other work, I haven’t been able to update but with everyone waiting for me everyday, I can’t slack off ne (^O^)/ Tomorrow we’ll be filming in a Japanese style park in Tokyo !! It’s really scary !! I feel this weird aura that a ghost is going to appear or something !! Kimura Ryou-kun said I can strongly sense this kind of thing so.. I feel something ne !! We’re quarrelling over such things (*laugh*)
I’m really Kayashima ↓↓

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ We filmed in the Tokyo suburbs today !! We met up at the set itself, so I had to endure an hour-long trip by myself, being jolted around in the train (’-^*)/ The unfamiliar scenery… trying to keep an ear out for the unfamiliar station names, it made me really anxious !! Would I arrive safely ?? I kept checking with my navigator walk over and over again (*laugh*) I got there in time with no problems (・ω・)/
The photo is me in Puzzle’s school uniform again !! Letting everyone take a good look at it for publicity purposes (^O^)/
I’m working on something different tomorrow (^O^)/ I’ll do my best !!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today we had filming in the studio the whole day !! I met the producer and various people who were involved in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e for the first time in a while !! I was really happy (・ω・)/ Without thinking about it, I spontaneously gave them a hug (*laugh*)
It’s filming in the studio again tomorrow (^O^)/ I hope to do my best !!
Which reminds me, from yesterday, I’ve started on some new work !! I’ll give more details about it next time. Look forward to it (^O^)/<

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cut my hair !

Today too thanks for everything !! Just as promised, I had a haircut (^-^)/ Yesterday I did a cover shot for the hair catalogue Bidan, so there was a large-scale change in my hair… (there’s a connection to the drama too) It has been fixed !!
I think I’ll upload the photo because of everyone’s request.
Today we did filming in Numazu, Shizuoka !! It’s been awhile since I saw the ocean !! The wind blowing so strongly near the sea, I was really surprised (*laugh*) I was deceived by the yellow sand ↓↓ Even now I’m still trying to blink it out (*laugh*)
Tomorrow… I have a Seventeen photo-shoot and Jump filming !! I think it’s going to be a long day but … I’ll put in my fighting spirit and do my best !!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Hello !! Today too thanks for everything !! Yesterday we had filming done at a school in Tokyo for the drama Puzzle !! On the internet, TV Asahi recruited extras on its homepage, and yesterday many extras participated in the filming !! The extras were filming in the cold, and they stayed right to the end, for that thank you very much !!
After that, I went to eat with my friends who I have not seen in a long while !! Meeting again after such a long while made me nervous but it was really fun (^O^)/
Today’s a rest day, so I’m thinking of going to the beauty/hair salon.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Unagi [Eel]

Today, because of the rain… filming ended in the morning !! After that… we went to eat eel and rice with the producer of the drama !! Super tasty (’-^*)/ How to say it, my tongue was enchanted ne !! But… maybe it’s still the tongue of a child… rather than the unagi… I prefer the unagi sauce (^_^;) After that, we took note of some things for tomorrow’s filming and went back to the hotel, and I was soon sound asleep (*laugh*) Because work was halted by the rain, I ended up sleeping over at the hotel again today !! To be away from Tokyo for 8 nights and 9 days… as might be expected, I want to go back there ↓↓ (*laugh*)

The comment during Jump, makes you think that there’ll be a kid on tomorrow ne ?? I’m sorry to say, tomorrow… there won’t be (^_^;) Sorry ↓↓

The day of the drama broadcast is slowly getting near ne (^-^)/ Until the April drama season, really, thank you for waiting !!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My own home

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/
It might be because I’ve been spending a lot of time in hotels… when I get back home I immediately fall asleep ↓↓ Now, it’s been about a week that I’ve stayed over in a hotel… After moving to my new house, I’ve slept a lot (*laugh*) Somehow it’s become a little sad ne (^_^;) It’s been terribly hot in the day lately !! Has spring finally arrived ?? I’m sensitive to heat, and also the cold so… I love this season ?!! Under the sunlight, your body all warm, you can sleep really soundly !! Tomorrow too, filming throughout the day + stay over in hotel ! I want to go back to my own home quickly but I’ll work hard at work (^O^)/ Filming is fun so… that makes it even, right !!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

From the hotel

Good evening o(^-^)o Today too thanks for everything !! I chatted with the drama members at the hotel today !! Somehow it feels like a training camp during school club activities, really fun !! But… tomorrow we have to start from 5 am ↓↓ If we don’t sleep soon… (*laugh*) But somehow or another, I think youths will just tide it over (・ω・)/
Did you watch Jump yesterday ?? My junior, Junpei was there too ne !! Both of us were doing our very best, you know !! Tell me what you think of it (^O^)/________ Tomorrow about 30 reporters will be at the scene of the filming location !! I wonder what will be happening at the scene like that ?? (*laugh*) Will it be a ruckus ?? But… Mok-kun’s smile will be perfectly shown (’-^*)/ Everyone too, without fail… please watch Puzzle, ne (^O^)/
The photo is taken at the hotel before my bath !!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ After the shooting of Jump today, I did costume fitting for another job, then to the beauty parlour and stuff… a day full of excitement (^O^)/ It’s been awhile since I’ve been at Ooizumi Gakuen, I went to Toei studio !! When I was doing Kamen Rider Kabuto, I passed that street daily for a year. Walking there, I became a little nostalgic (^-^) When I went home with the manager-san during the Kamen Rider time, it seems like everyday we went to eat at the Ramen shop “Midori Ramen” !! Even after a year, it was good eating there (^O^)/
Now when I think about it, Kamen Rider just ended a year ago but it still has ended ne !! At that time, I clearly felt the change in feelings I had about work. In one year, I’ve experienced different things and had many encounters… I think so !!
From tomorrow, for a week… drama filming in other regions again !! I’ll go all fired up (^-^)/

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A True Account

Good morning (^O^)/ We had filming from early this morning !! A while ago… while changing trains… I was lost at Shinjuku (-o-;) Furthermore a drunk and scary onisan was giving me the evil eye (ノ_・。) Really scary… My pride escaped together with my feet (*laugh*) σ(^-^;) I guess the people who go back home from drinking parties on early Sunday mornings are all like this ne !! Because the off days for my work is not fixed, I have days off on weekdays !! Therefore weekends don’t really matter to me !! So… I’m really jealous of people who can ‘make trouble’ during the weekends !! I love festivals and I love crowds (^O^)/
I’m updating the blog in a train now… I’m in the carriage by myself !! A little strange!! A little lonesome !! Won’t the train reach the station quickly (^_^;)<

Thursday, February 14, 2008

From a ryokan !!

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Recently, we had been filming at different locations around the region… somehow I can’t get to update the blog, sorry !! It’s been awhile, but today I’ll upload a photo ne !! It is Yamamoto Yusuke, the student at the ryokan (^O^)/ The clothes this time round is the gakuran… The blazer goes well with the gakuran and when you put it on, it hides your real age ne (*laugh*) Passing the age of 20, I’m feeling it more and more ne !!

Tomorrow at last, I’m going back to my new home (^O^)/ I want to quickly enjoy my room thoroughly !!

Did you watch Jump today !?? It’s the first time looking from a hunter’s perspective… being a hunter was fun and a little nerve-wracking !! Well, it was a really great feeling when I brought down the game (*laugh*) Always, all alooong, I thought I was an M, but during the escape, the S part got woken up !!

If all of you were to do it… do you want to be the one escaping ? Or is being the hunter better ??


ryokan - Japanese inn
gakuran - type of Japanese school uniform for boys, often with stand-up collar, long jacket and loose trousers
S and M - personality types, but not with the usual connotations. S means the sort who likes to inflict pain, M to receive. Something like that.

Happy Valentine

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/
I saw everyone’s comments… just as expected, there are more M than S I think !! (*laugh*)
Today is the long-awaited Valentine’s Day ne (^-^)/ We’ve been filming since morning, and I received ‘obligatory’ chocolate from my co-actor Ishihara Satomi-chan and the staff (*laugh*) We understand that it’s obligatory chocolate but to get some, we’re happy ne ~ the male staff members and me were saying (^O^)/ Chocolate from fans were also delivered to the office, I’m really happy (^-^)/ Over-ate the chocolates, if Yusuke gets chubbier and chubbier, gomen nasai !!
From noon tomorrow… I’m doing a lot of magazine work (^-^)/ Lately, I’ve been away from doing still photography shots, I’m really nervous (*laugh*)

This photo is for Valentine !!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Off on a trip again (^-^)/

Today, too, thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today we had filming for the drama from morning ~!! That is to say.. the filming is still going on (*laugh*) When we finish this today… we’re going on a trip for a local location shoot !! Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time with the drama members !! It feels like we’ve become siblings !! The hotel for the location shoot is where they did Love Story and stuff a long time ago, it’s a happy Yamamoto Yusuke (^O^)/

Yesterday, the house moving went smoothly (^-^)/ I’m grateful to my parents for putting up with me being a nuisance from 1 to 10 !!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today, I’ve been sweeping the room from morning !! Packing for the moving was finished yesterday but… I’m cleaning up 2 years worth of dust and rubbish !! Things that I didn’t want were put into the rubbish bag, and 5 bags appeared ne !! My mother and me, we were really shocked (*laugh*)
Finally, it’ll be tomorrow !! The day that I leave the mansion I’ve been staying in for 2 years and move in to a new one !! This place is full of all sorts of memories !!
The first time living in Tokyo, was I nervous ?? Going to Tokyo… I didn’t have any friends, getting used to work, did I feel secluded ?? My siblings went to Tokyo… could I boast about my own My Room ?? When I’m troubled, would I be able calm down if I go back to my own house ??
It’s filled with memories, so it feels a little sad !! But I’ve already turned 20 !! A new environment means a fresh feeling and from now own I’ll continue to work hard !! Because you can get used to living anywhere (^O^)/ The next house will also be the best of Tokyo ne ☆彡
Tonight will the shooting of Jump, the escape (^-^)/ I’ll do my best ne !!
Wait for my thoughts on today’s Meringue !!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Good evening !! I came back… from the location shoot (^O^)/ Really tired~. From real early in the morning to late at night, what a packed schedule !! Lately, snow has been falling so it’s about the coldest time of the year. My nose turns really red during filming, but I’ll keep at it (*laugh*) Recently, I’ve become a myself that is used to the cold !!

From tomorrow onwards, it’ll be 2 days off from work !! Tomorrow, my mom is coming to Tokyo !! For two days, with mom, the two of us are packing… I’m moving !! With a new home, I think I’ll tackle work with a fresh mood !!
Greeting my mother in the train, I should put on my best face forward ne (^O^)/
So, till tomorrow !!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hirahira (Heart thumping)

Good evening !! Today too, I worked hard the whole day (^O^)/ Yesterday, I got back from the location shoot, from noon today, there’s filming again at the studio (’-^*)/
Now then, it’s a story from just now but… I nearly overslept !! Because of sleeping on the hotel bed for 4 days, I couldn’t really sleep well and it went on for days. Yesterday, on my own bed… wrapped up in my futon, my eyes closed instantly and I fell into a deep sleep !!
Startled I woke up… I became aware that the alarm was ringing, manager-san had called me 10 times !! The last one came from the company president… it was the exact moment that he called that I opened my eyes… I quickly got ready !! I sprinted like a runner to the station… barely made it (^_^;) It’s been awhile since my heart was beating so hard. Everyone… oversleeping… really be careful about it ↓↓
Now, I’m updating the blog while in the train, after that heart thumping moment !!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Every day and night

Good evening… or shall I say good morning ?? Today I did my best too (^O^)/ Ever since we got to Hamamatsu, it’s been filming day and night and I haven’t been able to update the blog !! Sorry to those who were kept waiting !! We had filming the in the mountains… there’s no reception (*laugh*) Only my mobile phone… Therefore the mobile phone can’t be used !! Because I couldn’t use it… I didn’t have to charge it for 3 days (*laugh*) I want to say that it’s because of the poor reception but… I didn’t receive any mail from anyone. Even from my manager. Somehow, it was lonely ne (*laugh*) Today is the 4th day that I haven’t charged the phone !! Modern people without a handphone… somehow it looks like I can go through with it (^O^)/

Today it’s filming in the mountains again !! It keeps getting colder filming from day to night and it’s still not completed but Yusuke will do his best (^O^)/ This photo is in front of a torii (Shinto shrine archway) at the mountains, which way should I go ?? kind of a photo (^-^)/ Which one is me ??

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ Today was a change of locations for the drama so it was a slow day (^O^)/ We’ve just reached the next shooting location !!
By the way… I had glasses made yesterday !! I was at at the spectacles place for about an hour… went to do it after work (^-^)/ Glasses in Daikanyama… they’re ultra fashionable (^O^)/ This is the photo !! My eyesight has finally got to 0.1 ↓ This is awful !!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Good day !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Yesterday I came back from my parent’s place… and work started !! Nowadays, filming for the drama has been going on continuously but as I expected drama is something really good !! Playing a fictional character is fun, I’ve been thinking these days (^O^)/ For the drama this time, there’s many location shoots that takes place in other regions, difficult ne~ !! But getting to do stuff like eat different kinds of delicious food and visiting famous spots also makes me happy ne~(^_^;) (*laugh*) Today we did filming in the Tokyo studio !! Before long, we’re going to head to other district locations again !!
A~ Tomorrow’s gonna be photographing for Junon !! It’s the first shot of the New Year, so I want to be fired up for it (・ω・)/

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Things to do

Good day !! Or more fittingly, good morning !! Yesterday I went back to my parent’s place and crashed straightaway because I was so tired from filming !! Just a few moments ago… I woke up… and I was surprised (*laugh*) I overslept ↓↓ Looks like I was really sleepy !!
Iyaa~but… there’s plenty of things I have to do today, so I’ve to quickly start prepararing !!
I have to make a seal, you can’t do without the certification for it’s official registration !! Looks like moving is going to be necessary (^_^;) All the different documents needed are a headache !!
To my friends and all, sorry but… this time I can’t come round to see you guys although I came back home !! Gomen nasai !!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Good evening !! Today too, thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today was the last stopover for the shooting, in Hamamatsu… !! Filming ended early so the staff and cast members went to eat at the sushi-go-round kind of sushi shop (*laugh*) There was some appetite !! I gave up at 8 pieces but my friend was still going on at 16 !! Overpowered all the way !! Filming ends tomorrow so just for one day, I’ll be going back to my parents’ home (^-^)/ I can get to my parents’ home from Hamamatsu within one hour !! It’s not so much the feelings.. but the recent day and night filming has sort of tired me out… and I was thinking that I could refresh myself (’-^*)/
Speaking of which, from tomorrow onwards, I’ll have some new work… the work I’m doing now, how will it be announced.. please look forward to it !!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Thank you for the comments on my birthday that went beyond 10 000 !! That’s quite a lot of comments ne !! I wonder if it’s a new record ?? I was surprised myself !! But, really, thank you very much (^O^)/ I felt really energized (^O^)/
From last night, I’m in Nagasaki for Jump’s shooting !! I’ll be heading back in the evening !! It’s the first time I’m in Nagasaki, it’s a nice place ne !! I went to the Huis Ten Bosch… it’s a really fashionable place !! If you’re a couple, you should head there, it definitely has that kind of atmosphere (^O^)/ Recommended by Yamamoto Yusuke (*laugh*)
So from Nagasaki, I’m making preparations to go back !! Actually, I’m going to another shoot at Shizuoka in Hamamatsu (^O^)/ It’s close to my hometown so I feel kind of happy !! Of course the dialect of Hamamatsu is the Mikawa-ben !! I speak the Mikawa-ben too (^O^) Day after day, having overnighters at locations makes it rather hard to fall asleep but when I see the comments, it helps me weather through it (・ω・)/

Sunday, January 20, 2008

‘Powerful smile’

Good evening ! Today too thanks for everything !! From morning, I was at a high school for my photo-taking shoot !! High school nowadays comes with an elevator… imagine that. Needless to say, it comes complete with air-conditioning !! What a luxury na~it’s great na~. In my high school, we used electric fans and heaters !! To get to the 4th floor, of course we used the staircase (ノ_・。) But, a different era has arrived ne !! It’s the era of ‘education with breathing space’ system !! I too would have liked to have been brought up with that ‘education with breathing space’ system !!

Yesterday, I received many birthday congratulations in the comments, really, thank you very much (^-^)/ I was really happy, and it filled me with spirit and courage !! On my 20th birthday… it really made me happy that many people congratulated me !! It was a day when I realized that I have the support of many people !! From tomorrow, with a powerful smile 『 Yamamoto Yusuke 』 will do his best !!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today I did the recording for Jump !! After the recording ended… with the staff and cast, we had a New Year’s party !! It was really fun.
And then, when the time passed 12 o’clock, Yamamoto Yusuke… has turned 20 years old !! With everyone wishing me congratulations, it became the best birthday ever !! With kind people around me to support and love me, I am indeed fortunate !! From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you very much !! I will put everything I have into everyday so that one day I will be able to return the favour !!
From early morning tomorrow I have a photo-taking session… I’ll do my best to keep up my fighting spirit (’-^*)/

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last day

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today’s the last day of filming at Okinawa !! I’ll finally return home tomorrow ☆彡 I thoroughly enjoyed myself !! Day after day, I had a tight schedule but basking in Okinawa’s local colour and the kindness of the staff, I did my best !! From tomorrow onwards, it’s back to Tokyo for photo-taking (*laugh*)
Looks like I was elected first in Oricon’s ranking for most promising actor ne !! Honestly I was surprised… But I’m really happy !! It’s because of the fans support that I’m here !! From now on too, please support me (^-^)/

Monday, January 14, 2008

Coming-of-age celebration

Good evening !! Today too, thanks for everything !! Today is the third day of the Okinawa location shoot !! Slowly, I’m getting tired of it here and I’m also tired myself (*laugh*). But with such a cheerful location shoot, that sort of feeling doesn’t stay long (^-^)/
Shooting has ended now… I’m heading back towards the hotel. Dinner for tonight will be an original Okinawan hotplate done by an Okinawan chef (’-^*)/ I’m looking forward to it (^O^)/
Today, you can see things like the coming-of-age celebration on television, and in the newspapers. I’ll be one of the new adults (^-^)/ Makes me feel glad !! First of all, I want to convey my gratitude to my parents !! 『 Being who I am now, I have joined the ranks of being an adult !! Thank you for raising me to what I have become today !! From now on too, please treat me well !! 』

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Good evening !! Today too, thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today I did the cover shoot for Binan, we did 3 designs !! It’s been awhile since I did still shots… it was nerve-wracking (*laugh*) But as I got into it, it was enjoyable (’-^*)/ After it ended, the editor-in-chief gave me a birthday present !! It was sake !! I entrusted it to my manager at once (*laugh*) The magazine will be on sale from the 1st of March… everyone, make sure you take a look at it ne ☆彡
Today, I headed to Okinawa for the shoot I mentioned before !! We took a plane and landed on Okinawa soil !! Without delay… the staff and cast went to eat Okinawa cuisine !! It was super tasty (’-^*)/ From tomorrow onwards, I’ll be staying in Okinawa for a week !! I’m here for the drama but I intend to fully enjoy Okinawa !!


Good evening !! Today too, thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today, I had photo-taking the whole day !! After it ended, I went to the hairdressing salon !! Actually… tomorrow I’m going on a shoot for the cover of the men’s magazine Bidan !! If the hairdo isn’t proper, it won’t do, I thought. So I off I went (^-^)/ Tomorrow, I’ll also put on hair extensions !! Do you realize ? It’ll be like the style that Kayashima had in Hanazakari no kimitachi e !! Now, I’ll put up maximum resistance to colouring or changing my hair !! (*laugh*)

Tomorrow, after the magazine shoot, I’m heading off for a trip to Okinawa for a 5 day location film shot. It’ll be my first time in Okinawa !! I’m getting really excited now (^O^)/

Yesterday… Sorry for not being able to update the blog yesterday !! Somehow, I didn’t have time !!.. I got a lot of comments though (^_^;) From tomorrow onwards, my report on Okinawa, I won’t forget to write it everyday (^-^)/

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Good day !! Right now, I’m on location at Waratte Iitomo !! Just like the previous session, I wanted to enjoy the game to my heart’s content (’-^*)/ The aim was to be on the lookout for the announcement (*laugh*)
How to say it, it was nerve-wracking,
When Waratte Iitomo ended, I immediately did my other work, updating the blog !!
Sanma Goten was on yesterday !! I just realized I forgot to write anything about it to you !! But, when I look at the blog… and I see that everyone has “checked” on me, it gives me peace of mind ☆彡 I’m really happy !!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Good day !! Today too, thanks to everyone for the whole day !! What kind of work is it today, ne !! Today is the day of the variety program recording !! This time, I’ve been made what you can call the MC !! I’m a little nervous now !! No matter how much time passes, it’s hard to get used to it ↓↓ (*laugh*) Yesterday, we did our New Year’s greetings with everyone from the Junon editorial department. As usual, the people from the Junon editorial department are full of energy [Work hard this year too, ne] when they said that, I got a shot of energy. This time, the Junon editorial department is going to put me on the cover, on an extra issue of Junon Best Hair Catalogue !! I did a totally awe-inspiring shoot so everyone, without fail, please take a look at it (^-^)/
Well, it’s a man’s magazine na (^_^;)

Tomorrow’s Waratte Iitomo !! Watch out for Toma-kun’s Hachikuro also !! Tomorrow, I’m going to do a quiz ?? Let’s do it ?!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Good day !!

Good day !! Sorry about not updating the blog. Still getting used to work after a long time away… The moment I get back home, I fall asleep, in other words back to my normal life !! Today, I start on some new work, I’m trying to strive for a cheerful atmosphere on location (^O^)/
Vacation has just ended, and I’ve not gotten into the rhythm of everyday life but… At the start of New Year, I told myself I must go into it with super fighting spirit !! For the sake of transformations anew (^O^)/
Today, I’m off to do a variety show !!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Good evening !! Today too, thanks for everything !! Today is the last day at my parent’s home, I feel a little sad but from among my photo album, there was a letter from my senpai in high school, from the soccer club’s battle cry, so I’ll do that(^O^)/ It’s been awhile since I played soccer, I’m all worn out from playing.. My body also hurts all over… But I met my teacher and also some senpais and it made me happy (^O^)/
Faces from middle school also appeared. In the photoalbum, I had written a letter to Noda-sensei who I also met !! All the usual faces appeared !! The cheesecake made by my senpai’s aunt, which I mentioned about some time ago in the blog, the one I look forward to when I go back home, it’s here !! It’s been awhile since I ate cheesecake.. it’s unbelievably tasty !! My cheeks were completely enchanted !! I was really happy (^-^)/ Make it again when I return back home ne (^- ^)/

It’s time to head back to our home !! It feels lonely but… from tomorrow onwards, I’ll gather my fighting spirit and do my best (^O^)/

Dango (Dumpling)

Good evening!! Today too, thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today I went to my grandma’s house.. all of our relatives were at the banquet hall and we had a New Year’s party (^O^)/ Just as I thought… the relatives who were students received New Year’s gifts. I only collected a little money then went to the convenience store !! So the result is, I received both (^-^)/ Starting from the New Year, do good things and feel good about it !! Each one of my relative’s children to grow up well…, to watch them grow up beautifully, that will make me happy !! Everyone, I will push on and move forward on my own path well (^O^) / Today, I took a stroll to the temple… on my way back I bought and ate dango !! Dango from a food cart is deliciously different (’-^*)/ I ate five by myself !! Tomorrow’s the last of life at my parent’s house…, I’m returning to Tokyo (^-^)/ The day after tomorrow onwards, it’s back to work !! I’ll do my best, ne (^-^)/

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Good evening !! Thanks for everyone’s hard work the whole day today too (^-^)/ I went to the shrine at my hometown for the first shrine visit of the New Year, and then went bowling with my friends till morning (*laugh*) This time, the written oracle at the shrine said I’ll have excellent luck (^O^)/ I included various requests during the shrine visit so that I’ll have excellent luck later.. I skipped happily away from the shrine when it was all completed (*laugh*) I…realised something !! I’m really good at bowling (*laugh*) My score was 184, I was surprised to strike such high marks this early in the New Year !! (*laugh*) It was just a fluke though !! Maybe I used up last year’s luck, yeah that must be it !!

Today, I went to eat shabu-shabu with a friend from the soccer club !! It’s been a while since I had shabu-shabu… To meet with my club friends again, somehow my mood really gets a boost !! After that, we went to my friend’s house to play a game (^-^)/ No matter how much time passes, my hope is that for us, my circle of friends, our close bond will not change (’-^*)/

Tomorrow, I’ll go to my grandma’s place !! Will it be a New Year’s present or some fund-raising for me, I wonder ?? I’ll announce it on tomorrow’s blog entry (*laugh*)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Good evening !! And now, Happy New Year (^O^)/ Last year, I was helped a lot!! Throughout the year, I experienced many things !! It was really an enjoyable year filled with happiness !! I want to do my best to that I can say it again next year (・ω・)/ I’m going to the first shrine visit of the New Year with my friends !! I think I’ll slowly fill in the details tomorrow (^-^)/ The photo is taken with a relative’s child (’-^*)/