Thursday, February 28, 2008

Unagi [Eel]

Today, because of the rain… filming ended in the morning !! After that… we went to eat eel and rice with the producer of the drama !! Super tasty (’-^*)/ How to say it, my tongue was enchanted ne !! But… maybe it’s still the tongue of a child… rather than the unagi… I prefer the unagi sauce (^_^;) After that, we took note of some things for tomorrow’s filming and went back to the hotel, and I was soon sound asleep (*laugh*) Because work was halted by the rain, I ended up sleeping over at the hotel again today !! To be away from Tokyo for 8 nights and 9 days… as might be expected, I want to go back there ↓↓ (*laugh*)

The comment during Jump, makes you think that there’ll be a kid on tomorrow ne ?? I’m sorry to say, tomorrow… there won’t be (^_^;) Sorry ↓↓

The day of the drama broadcast is slowly getting near ne (^-^)/ Until the April drama season, really, thank you for waiting !!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My own home

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/
It might be because I’ve been spending a lot of time in hotels… when I get back home I immediately fall asleep ↓↓ Now, it’s been about a week that I’ve stayed over in a hotel… After moving to my new house, I’ve slept a lot (*laugh*) Somehow it’s become a little sad ne (^_^;) It’s been terribly hot in the day lately !! Has spring finally arrived ?? I’m sensitive to heat, and also the cold so… I love this season ?!! Under the sunlight, your body all warm, you can sleep really soundly !! Tomorrow too, filming throughout the day + stay over in hotel ! I want to go back to my own home quickly but I’ll work hard at work (^O^)/ Filming is fun so… that makes it even, right !!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

From the hotel

Good evening o(^-^)o Today too thanks for everything !! I chatted with the drama members at the hotel today !! Somehow it feels like a training camp during school club activities, really fun !! But… tomorrow we have to start from 5 am ↓↓ If we don’t sleep soon… (*laugh*) But somehow or another, I think youths will just tide it over (・ω・)/
Did you watch Jump yesterday ?? My junior, Junpei was there too ne !! Both of us were doing our very best, you know !! Tell me what you think of it (^O^)/________ Tomorrow about 30 reporters will be at the scene of the filming location !! I wonder what will be happening at the scene like that ?? (*laugh*) Will it be a ruckus ?? But… Mok-kun’s smile will be perfectly shown (’-^*)/ Everyone too, without fail… please watch Puzzle, ne (^O^)/
The photo is taken at the hotel before my bath !!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ After the shooting of Jump today, I did costume fitting for another job, then to the beauty parlour and stuff… a day full of excitement (^O^)/ It’s been awhile since I’ve been at Ooizumi Gakuen, I went to Toei studio !! When I was doing Kamen Rider Kabuto, I passed that street daily for a year. Walking there, I became a little nostalgic (^-^) When I went home with the manager-san during the Kamen Rider time, it seems like everyday we went to eat at the Ramen shop “Midori Ramen” !! Even after a year, it was good eating there (^O^)/
Now when I think about it, Kamen Rider just ended a year ago but it still has ended ne !! At that time, I clearly felt the change in feelings I had about work. In one year, I’ve experienced different things and had many encounters… I think so !!
From tomorrow, for a week… drama filming in other regions again !! I’ll go all fired up (^-^)/

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A True Account

Good morning (^O^)/ We had filming from early this morning !! A while ago… while changing trains… I was lost at Shinjuku (-o-;) Furthermore a drunk and scary onisan was giving me the evil eye (ノ_・。) Really scary… My pride escaped together with my feet (*laugh*) σ(^-^;) I guess the people who go back home from drinking parties on early Sunday mornings are all like this ne !! Because the off days for my work is not fixed, I have days off on weekdays !! Therefore weekends don’t really matter to me !! So… I’m really jealous of people who can ‘make trouble’ during the weekends !! I love festivals and I love crowds (^O^)/
I’m updating the blog in a train now… I’m in the carriage by myself !! A little strange!! A little lonesome !! Won’t the train reach the station quickly (^_^;)<

Thursday, February 14, 2008

From a ryokan !!

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Recently, we had been filming at different locations around the region… somehow I can’t get to update the blog, sorry !! It’s been awhile, but today I’ll upload a photo ne !! It is Yamamoto Yusuke, the student at the ryokan (^O^)/ The clothes this time round is the gakuran… The blazer goes well with the gakuran and when you put it on, it hides your real age ne (*laugh*) Passing the age of 20, I’m feeling it more and more ne !!

Tomorrow at last, I’m going back to my new home (^O^)/ I want to quickly enjoy my room thoroughly !!

Did you watch Jump today !?? It’s the first time looking from a hunter’s perspective… being a hunter was fun and a little nerve-wracking !! Well, it was a really great feeling when I brought down the game (*laugh*) Always, all alooong, I thought I was an M, but during the escape, the S part got woken up !!

If all of you were to do it… do you want to be the one escaping ? Or is being the hunter better ??


ryokan - Japanese inn
gakuran - type of Japanese school uniform for boys, often with stand-up collar, long jacket and loose trousers
S and M - personality types, but not with the usual connotations. S means the sort who likes to inflict pain, M to receive. Something like that.

Happy Valentine

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/
I saw everyone’s comments… just as expected, there are more M than S I think !! (*laugh*)
Today is the long-awaited Valentine’s Day ne (^-^)/ We’ve been filming since morning, and I received ‘obligatory’ chocolate from my co-actor Ishihara Satomi-chan and the staff (*laugh*) We understand that it’s obligatory chocolate but to get some, we’re happy ne ~ the male staff members and me were saying (^O^)/ Chocolate from fans were also delivered to the office, I’m really happy (^-^)/ Over-ate the chocolates, if Yusuke gets chubbier and chubbier, gomen nasai !!
From noon tomorrow… I’m doing a lot of magazine work (^-^)/ Lately, I’ve been away from doing still photography shots, I’m really nervous (*laugh*)

This photo is for Valentine !!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Off on a trip again (^-^)/

Today, too, thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today we had filming for the drama from morning ~!! That is to say.. the filming is still going on (*laugh*) When we finish this today… we’re going on a trip for a local location shoot !! Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time with the drama members !! It feels like we’ve become siblings !! The hotel for the location shoot is where they did Love Story and stuff a long time ago, it’s a happy Yamamoto Yusuke (^O^)/

Yesterday, the house moving went smoothly (^-^)/ I’m grateful to my parents for putting up with me being a nuisance from 1 to 10 !!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today, I’ve been sweeping the room from morning !! Packing for the moving was finished yesterday but… I’m cleaning up 2 years worth of dust and rubbish !! Things that I didn’t want were put into the rubbish bag, and 5 bags appeared ne !! My mother and me, we were really shocked (*laugh*)
Finally, it’ll be tomorrow !! The day that I leave the mansion I’ve been staying in for 2 years and move in to a new one !! This place is full of all sorts of memories !!
The first time living in Tokyo, was I nervous ?? Going to Tokyo… I didn’t have any friends, getting used to work, did I feel secluded ?? My siblings went to Tokyo… could I boast about my own My Room ?? When I’m troubled, would I be able calm down if I go back to my own house ??
It’s filled with memories, so it feels a little sad !! But I’ve already turned 20 !! A new environment means a fresh feeling and from now own I’ll continue to work hard !! Because you can get used to living anywhere (^O^)/ The next house will also be the best of Tokyo ne ☆彡
Tonight will the shooting of Jump, the escape (^-^)/ I’ll do my best ne !!
Wait for my thoughts on today’s Meringue !!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Good evening !! I came back… from the location shoot (^O^)/ Really tired~. From real early in the morning to late at night, what a packed schedule !! Lately, snow has been falling so it’s about the coldest time of the year. My nose turns really red during filming, but I’ll keep at it (*laugh*) Recently, I’ve become a myself that is used to the cold !!

From tomorrow onwards, it’ll be 2 days off from work !! Tomorrow, my mom is coming to Tokyo !! For two days, with mom, the two of us are packing… I’m moving !! With a new home, I think I’ll tackle work with a fresh mood !!
Greeting my mother in the train, I should put on my best face forward ne (^O^)/
So, till tomorrow !!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hirahira (Heart thumping)

Good evening !! Today too, I worked hard the whole day (^O^)/ Yesterday, I got back from the location shoot, from noon today, there’s filming again at the studio (’-^*)/
Now then, it’s a story from just now but… I nearly overslept !! Because of sleeping on the hotel bed for 4 days, I couldn’t really sleep well and it went on for days. Yesterday, on my own bed… wrapped up in my futon, my eyes closed instantly and I fell into a deep sleep !!
Startled I woke up… I became aware that the alarm was ringing, manager-san had called me 10 times !! The last one came from the company president… it was the exact moment that he called that I opened my eyes… I quickly got ready !! I sprinted like a runner to the station… barely made it (^_^;) It’s been awhile since my heart was beating so hard. Everyone… oversleeping… really be careful about it ↓↓
Now, I’m updating the blog while in the train, after that heart thumping moment !!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Every day and night

Good evening… or shall I say good morning ?? Today I did my best too (^O^)/ Ever since we got to Hamamatsu, it’s been filming day and night and I haven’t been able to update the blog !! Sorry to those who were kept waiting !! We had filming the in the mountains… there’s no reception (*laugh*) Only my mobile phone… Therefore the mobile phone can’t be used !! Because I couldn’t use it… I didn’t have to charge it for 3 days (*laugh*) I want to say that it’s because of the poor reception but… I didn’t receive any mail from anyone. Even from my manager. Somehow, it was lonely ne (*laugh*) Today is the 4th day that I haven’t charged the phone !! Modern people without a handphone… somehow it looks like I can go through with it (^O^)/

Today it’s filming in the mountains again !! It keeps getting colder filming from day to night and it’s still not completed but Yusuke will do his best (^O^)/ This photo is in front of a torii (Shinto shrine archway) at the mountains, which way should I go ?? kind of a photo (^-^)/ Which one is me ??