Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Starting my journey !!

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything !! It was Myojo’s photo shoot today !! The shots were taken while I was tottering on the streets of Omotesandou !! As expected, just to walk in the stylish streets of Omotesandou made me nervous ne ↓↓ There’s still some way to go before I’m of the right age to fit in (*laugh*)

By the way, from now on… I’m heading overseas !! I still can’t say for which work it is for… please wait and look forward to it (’-^*)/ Is this the lounge ?? It’s the ‘first time going abroad kind of tension hanging in the air photo’ place !!

From tomorrow onwards

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ After the fitting session today… I went to the hairdressing salon !! On the way there, I met Ikuta Toma-kun and he came along !! Both of us had our hair cut together !! Somehow, I got a little nervous (*laugh*) But the atmosphere sort of settled down and it was great (^O^)/ Actually, we use the same hairdressing salon !! As always he’s cool na~, he’s like an older brother I aspire to be !!

From tomorrow onwards, I’m going overseas for work !! I wonder if I can update the blog from overseas ?? I’ll try my best to update ?!! Sorry if it can’t be done ↓↓

When I come back, I’ll fill up the blog with all the memories (^O^)/

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything !! The Disney Store thing was picked up by the news last evening and this morning too ne (^O^)/ Super happy !!

I have an off day today so… I watched this !! Manchester United 2000 Goals Special !! This is a feature on all the goals that Manchester United, a soccer team, has made up to now !! I’m a big Manchester fan… so I was excited all the way (*laugh*) Ah, which reminds me, I coloured my hair !! Filming for Puzzle has ended so for the next role I’ll get a perm… now my hair is dyed brown (^O^)/

Tomorrow is photo-taking for Zipper !! Looks like I’ll be wearing a kimono !! Look forward to it (^O^)/

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disney Store Village Headman

Good day !! Today I was made village headman for a day at the Disney Store in Shibuya !! Being a big fan of Disney, getting elected to be the Disney Store Village Headman for 1 day made me really happy !! 1 day felt like a short while but… as the village headman, I think I managed to liven up the Disney Store (^O^)/
There were many reporters, television media and such that turned up so… I’ll be happy if it’s covered in the reports today !!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mental Metamorphosis

I’m back !!
Yesterday I braced myself for the end of my first vacation in a long time !! I enjoyed myself fully in my hometown and had a good time (^O^)/ I can feel the support from my friends, my family and the fans. To my friends, I’m not the Yamamoto Yusuke who has become a tv personality, they still see me as the Yamamoto Yusuke from Toyokawa !! Everyone too has not changed… that’s a great thing ne. Playing and having fun together with them makes me unbearably, unbearably happy !!

Also, on this occasion, I’d like to make an apology. This is for my family, forgive me for my selfishness !! As I expected, when I’m home after such a long while, I unintentionally fawn for more attention ne. I asked for a lot during this vacation and received them all ↓↓ I’ll reflect on it !!

I want to say thank you to the fans !! When I returned to my hometown, everyone from small elementary school kids to grandmothers told me “Do your best” when they met me. With those words, how far would I be able to persist on… thank you very much !!

From tomorrow onwards, I will do my best with this mental metamorphosis (^O^)/

Friday, May 9, 2008

It’s all healed !

Good morning !! It’s been awhile since I got up early like I did today !! Yesterday, my teeth were a little swollen so I couldn’t eat anything but it’s all okay now !! The swelling has completely gone down (^O^)/ My parents asked me to and anyway I thought of indulging myself today so although it’s been a long time since I had a holiday… it feels like I’m already enjoying myself fully in my hometown !! Thinking a little ahead of time (^O^)/

Well, today’s the day Puzzle will be broadcast ne !! Watching my own drama with my family feels a little embarrassing (*laugh*)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wisdom Tooth

Today too thanks for everything !! I made my passport today and then went to extract my wisdom tooth !! About the wisdom tooth… it’s already the second time… I was prepared for it but… it was painful ↓↓ I was wondering if I would cry (*laugh*) But it was the dentist of my younger brother’s friend so… even if I wanted to cry, I endured it (*laugh*) But I’m happy now !! Thank goodness !!

Today’s the last day of Gokigenyou, ne !! Thanks for your impressions !! Really made me happy !!


Gokigenyou → http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/gokigen/

Monday, May 5, 2008

Returning festival

Today’s the last day of a local festival (^O^)/ Every year, the festival is held without fail, so together with a friend’s brother, the 2 of us went to bask in the atmosphere o(^▽^)o It was wonderful, and also felt nostalgic… I felt at ease (’-^*)/ The photo is my favourite food, only the half-eaten dango left hanging !!

Today is the day of broadcast for Gokigenyou o(^▽^)o Would it be successful ?? ↓↓ But still, please take a look (’-^*)/


Gokigenyou → http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/gokigen/

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fukui Prefecture

Today too thanks for everything !! From now, I’m going into my long Golden Week (^O^)/ My friend promptly invited me out today. With my friend’s girlfriend, the 3 of us went sightseeing around her place, Fukui Prefecture !! It was really fun !! This year so far, when it comes to holidays, I can only think of going karaoke or bowling but in the end, I can’t really remember how I spent them !! It’s really great that my friend called me out today !!

I’ll briefly go over how we spent the day !!
After getting caught in traffic for 5 hours, we reached Fukui !! Went sightseeing in Fukuishi !! Went to the beach and played around !! Ate soft serve ice cream at the ranch !! Like Suspense Tuesday, went to Toujinbou and looked over the edge of the cliff, ate cuttlefish !! Went to a Crocs specialist shop and bought matching batches !! Went to a bar and chatted enthusiastically !! Went to the mountains and gazed at the stars and scenery !! Returning home now !! That’s how it went !! Enjoyed myself fully (^O^) The photo is the photo of the soft cream !!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pop Ya

Good morning !! Yesterday I intruded on Fuji TV to record a variety program (’-^*)/ It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a talk show so I was nervous but I went in resolutely with the spirit that I could do it (’-^*)/ Please watch it ne !!

I did filming for the variety show Pop Ya, where I’m a regular, today too !! When it goes on air, watch it and you will see how different the atmosphere is, I think it’s a really interesting program !! There’s nothing interesting about me but I shouldn’t say it… (*laugh*) The first time Tanaka-san was around the cast, he was quite the mad character. I think more and more amusing things are going to happen !! I don’t know if you can catch it since it’s a late night show but for those who keep late hours, try your best to watch it ne (’-^*)/

Today is the Puzzle job-well-done party !! I do feel sad but this is a celebration of the tenacity we have shown up to now. Off to some farewells !!