Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything o(^▽^)o
Had a photo shoot for Smart today !! The article was about revealing the contents of the bag, but to show the things you always carry around with you is pretty embarrassing ne!! When people look at it, even if it's just a little, they can make some conclusion of that person's life ↓↓ I'm worried that some strange neurotic parts of me might be found out (*laugh*)
Tomorrow I'm covering Street Jack and Pichi Lemon !! The Street Jack article is about hair and I'm going to debut my new hair there !! My new hair is a twist perm !! It's quite a popular hairdo 4 or 5 years back but... I want the boom to come back from now on na (^O^)/ Well, that's the plan !!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Once again !!

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ After dress rehearsal today, I went to the hair salon !! I last went 2 weeks back !! Come to think of it, it's overdoing it a little ↓↓ It's like nowadays the way my hair grows has not been as usual and I've grown tired of it... (*laugh*) But the hairdresser at my favourite hair salon has given me a cool cut as usual and I love it ('-^*)/

Ah, today's the day that the one-off drama 'Chichi, Kaeru' will be aired, later tonight !! It has a good tempo and it was a new experience for me doing it... I think it's a drama that you can watch for an hour without being bored and you'll be kept laughing !! Everyone, please watch it (^O^)/


Chichi, Kaeru

Furball !