Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year (^O^)/ Today too thanks for everything o(^▽^)o I had lunch with my family today at a cafe run by a relative!! While eating my dad today, the two of us drank together!! It's been awhile since I drank with my dad... he looked happy ('-^*)/ Probably because it's been nearly a year since I came back... he must have been lonely (*laugh*) It's kind of cute!!
I'm going back to Tokyo tomorrow, I feel lonesome (^_^;)
But... once I go back to Tokyo I'll change into my work mode and do my best!!
I want to make this a fuller year than the last!!

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Happi said...

Yusuke's so cute ..I love his emoticon too -- o(^▽^)o .. <33